Freelance Network Engineer

Hello and Welcome to "Who is PCServ?"

My name is Dan Boskovic, owner and founder of PCServ Consulting. 

I've been a freelance network engineer since 1999. Before 1999 I worked for larger corporations like Ameritech as well as investment firms like Teachers Management Inc., accounting firms like Klayman and Korman, and other IT consulting firms. I worked in various progressive roles from system administrator, field technician, Novell and Microsoft Engineer, to my current title as a Cloud Architect. 

Currently, I provide IT consulting, outsourced IT managed services, and on-site IT services for small to medium sized businesses. By using the latest cloud technology to deliver services, the emphasis is on being pro-active rather that re-active which keeps your network up and running smoothly. 

Over the years, computers have come a long way. I know, because I was fortunate to have an interest in computers in the since the late 70's. As an IT Professional since the latter half of the 90's, I have witnessed the progression of computers from a “nice to have” tool to a crucial necessity to running any business. What keeps me going after all this time? I'm constantly learning in this field. Technology is ever-changing, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience by educating and providing the best-in-class service to my clients.

I graduated in 1991 from California State Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology and began my career as a Cobol programmer. Around 1993 Microsoft had introduced LanManager. A Microsoft product that ran on a PC running the OS/2 operating system to network to other servers like Unix. Being a forward thinker, I successfully integrated the PC to the Wang Mainframe. This adaptation transformed the business by moving away from the "green" terminals and getting on track for the PC revolution.

More recently in this decade, I welcomed the challenge to figure out how to take an older typical peer to peer network with an XP workstation acting as the server and bring it up to current standards (XP was no longer supported, or perhaps even forgotten about). For a less seasoned engineer, an obvious choice was to simply turn the workstation into a server and be done. However, I wanted to provide my client with a long-term solution to meet their business needs. My client had a tight budget and the cost to upgrade their custom manufacturing program to run on a new server would have been too expensive.  I evaluated and determined to Virtualize the XP server. This rather complicated migration I accomplished using VMware. Today, the system is running successfully, meeting their business needs and  saved my client thousands of dollars.

On a lighter note, I am a father of three girls and happily married for 20 years. I like spending time outdoors maintaining my garden or tinkering on my 1965 convertible mustang that I bought in college and still runs today. I'm also pretty handy around the house; finding home improvement projects or tutoring my teenage daughter’s in advanced mathematics, and of course, assisting them with their technology needs. 


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